My Little Pwnagotchi Build
Punt! Pwnd!
A sample of pwnagotchi fan fiction. Here, pwnagotchi is kicking a client.

The documentation at stands on its own.  The project has been out for some time, but I wasn’t able to find an end-to-end build write-up that filled in all the details.  Here’s my effort.


I went with a “standard” hardware setup:

*RPi0w with GPIO Headers

The important things to note here:

1.The “w” in RPi0w means “wireless” (not to be confused with the non-“w” model)

2. GPIO Headers – some kits do not have these pins attached

*Waveshare 2.13 v2

*PiSugar 1200

You can substitute the PiSugar 900 instead. The 900 will still get you around 3 hours of battery life. The thickness of the 900 is about half that of the 1200, making the completed device a bit smaller.

The Waveshare and RPi ready to assemble

All of this can be connected without soldering.

YouTube video demonstrating installation of PiSugar battery

Connect WaveShare v2 and RPi Zero with 8-wire connector

You can temporarily connect the display to the RPi via the 8-wire connector included with the WaveShare by following the pinouts:


I found the perfect case on Thingiverse:

3D printed case in Midnight Stealth color

I had to expand the dimensions slightly in order to get my girl to fit.  It made her feel self-conscious…

I also had to expand the charging hole just a bit, but otherwise a perfect fit!

New color for 2020: Spring Leaf
Attached to the Big Wheel for “war wheeling”


Not too complicated.  But stepping into this world blindly led me to purchase some incorrect parts and I wanted to share a solid build that works.  Hopefully my little pwny will see <3 eyes soon!         

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